Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners

  • Project Name
    Changfang and Xidao
  • Type
  • Location
  • Start Date
    January 2017

Consultancy services and Transmission System Package Management for the 600MW Offshore Wind Parks Changfang and Xidao in Taiwan. Owners Engineer, conceptual design and implementation of the Transmission infrastructure. Design and implementation of the SCADA system. Design of the electrical systems of the Wind Park including Onshore Substation.

Pandora ICT Contribution - Consultancy

Scope of Pandora’s consultancy services includes:

  • transmission system design for the 66/161kV network including WTG, Cables, TP's Cable Route, Onshore Substation and grid connection to Taipower Transmission System Operator
  • Electrical substation design including all auxiliary system
  • Electrical design of the Transition Pieces (TP)
  • Design of the overall SCADA system including overall networking Cyber Security and CCTV systems
  • All system internal and external interfaces including those to Taipower

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