Offshore Manager

Offshore Manager is a comprehensive online collaboration tool for all aspects off Offshore Wind Park work. It contains a lean and efficient solution out of the box which is saving you significant resources in the erecting, commissioning and operations of your Wind Park


Move work forward from anywhere.

These are plug and play features which can be plugged-in anytime for complete end-to-end experience to improve the time management for the workers, quality and enable better decision making at the top level.

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It will give you an overview of the various modules and applications we have and also show you the applicability in different industries. With our portfolio we can cater for numerous industries, from utilities, oil and gas, water and wastewater as well as numerous production and service businesses. Whenever a large and distributed field and/or service force has to be managed, whenever you have complex operations or an environment with a high focus on safety and quality, our product will help you to increase efficiency and bring down cost significantly.

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